We have to shift the focus
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Stop putting the burden on women and start addressing shared responsibility.

3 Ways To Start Helping Today

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Men AND women create a pregnancy. Yet there is nothing in any of the anti-abortion bills addressing accountability or penalties for the impregnators.
Start a
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Get to know your elected officials. What side of the issue are they on? Send them an email and demand they address this disparity.
Engage Your
Elected Officials
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If you have the means or the time there are many organizations fighting for reproductive rights that need your help.
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Ask a Question

Start a Conversation

Take to social media or better yet, organize a social event and pose some thought starters. Make sure to tag your conversation with #OperationEggplant.

"If a fetus is a person at 6 weeks pregnant, is that when the child support starts?”

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Vote for Candidates that Support Reproductive Rights
Planned Parenthood has a wonderful tool that shows you each legislator by state who is in favor of or opposed to reproductive justice.
Congressional Scorecard
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Write to Congress
Write letters, send e-mails, and call your elected representatives. Tell them what you expect, and don't forget to follow up.
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Letter to your representative

Dear Representative,
I am writing with regard to the recent assault on women’s reproductive rights. I strongly urge you to address the “Eggplant in the Womb.”  The absence of male responsibility in every heartbeat bill is draconian, misogynistic and woefully unfair. Despite the fact that there can be no procreation without male ejaculation, there is no legal mandate for a man to take "responsibility" at six-weeks gestation yet at this same point in development, a female loses rights over her own body to the same fetus. She is forced on to the pregnancy path while her male counterpart faces no consequences until after birth, if at all.

What are you or any other member of Congress doing to address the disparity of accountability in reproductive legislation? What do you think should be the father's responsibility in unwanted pregnancies? Are there any laws that give the government power over the male body?

With these new antiabortion laws, we have prison time for doctors. We have consequences for women. Where are the laws to address the impregnators?

A concerned voter